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(Thank you, "date night instagram self-portrait," for being one of my only solo pictures in years.)

Journaling is something I have always done. Always. I was given a spiral notebook and some crayons and pencils at an early age, and I have not stopped writing since.  Writing is therapeutic, and I think and process best this way.

I write about faith. And marriage. And mommying. And anything else that strikes my fancy.

I have written about our NICU days. And our time in Missouri. And how we FINALLY moved to Arizona.

I write about heartache. And triumphs. And ridiculousness. And homeschooling. And having a child with disabilities.

I write because I can't not write.  Writing is where I struggle with God and with myself. Writing is how I worship. Writing is how I find room to breathe.

This photo by my lovely and talented friend, Melia Jesch, at Simply Photography