Thursday, March 22, 2018

To C, who is eight - soon to be nine

Dear Bubby,

Writing has taken a backseat the last year or two with our moves, our schooling, our adventures, and just our day to day living. You have been eight for almost a year now, and while I have documented so much via Instagram pictures, most of my written words to you have remained inside my head and heart.

You grow taller and taller every week it seemed. In a matter of just a few weeks you grew a couple of inches. The Wild Explorers t-shirt we bought you for Christmas is already looking like it won't last the summer, and you like to see how tall you are compared to me on a regular basis. It won't be long until you are as tall as I am.

We listened to The Hobbit on audible this winter, and then you decided to read it on your own. Last week you decided to read A Wrinkle In Time, and after we watched the movie you could tell me several of the differences. I knew by your chatter you had read and understood the book as well as a third-grader can - even though you said a few parts were a little confusing. You liked both the book and the movie, but you said the movie was more magical. You are a fan of stories of magic and adventure, and I hope that never changes. It isn't a genre I really ever got into, but I love that you love it. I love that you are a more diverse reader than I was at your age. I love how you re-read your favorite Roald Dahl and Beverly Cleary books. I love that you tried Treasure Island, but put it aside because you thought it would make more sense when you were a bit older.

Every week you go to choir practice. Your assistant director compliments you on your behavior and attention, and it is hard for me to not what to take pride in that. We ask if you want to try out for the main choir next year, but that means twice a week practices, and you aren't sure you want to give up your free time. You still like to have plenty of time for books and Legos and using your imagination.

You have become a better outdoors-guy this year. This isn't something we were very used to in Missouri, but so many of your friend meet-ups involve hikes or nature gatherings that we have adjusted and embraced it as best as we can. You prefer running around with your friends creating stories and games to spending all of your time observing, but you ask good questions when you slow down for a few minutes.

You continue to be a helpful and loving big brother. You play games that aren't your favorite. You are patient in moments that require extra patience and understanding. This character trait spills over to your interactions with younger kids most of the time. You ask good (and sometimes hard) questions about God and faith and the Bible.

You are working on conquering a few fears/challenges this year. When you get to pick a composer to listen to, you almost always pick John Williams. You have now watched all of the Star Wars movies, and are making your way through Indiana Jones. Several times a week you get your dad to build Legos with you when he gets home from work. I am pretty sure these simple moments will stick with you forever.

It is bittersweet to watch you turn into a big kid, but mostly it is a joy. You are funny and compassionate. It is a great adventure to get to be your mom, and I am so thankful for you.


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