Thursday, January 4, 2018

books I read in 2017 - books to read in 2018

At the beginning of last year I attempted a reading challenge that had me needing to read twenty-six books in a variety of interesting categories. I was looking forward to it because I love to read, but I don't always make time for it like I should nor do I stretch myself as much as I would like. I started off strong, but with the move and all that came with it, I let the challenge go. I wondered as I was looking at everyone's "Best Books of 2017" lists if I even read anything. I have also been asked for book recommendations, and my mind has been going blank. So I sat down through my library history from the year, as well as some instagram photos and my bookshelves to figure out what exactly I did read. The list that follows is not necessarily a recommendation of a book, but it is what I can remember reading this year. I am not listing authors because I am too lazy today - but if you need to know an author of one of the books, I can try to help. I tried to organize them a bit by category. I am also including the challenge I created for myself (and anyone else who wants to join) for 2018.  Happy Reading!

The Life-Giving Table
Mere Motherhood

Gospel Fluency
The Drama of Scripture

Anne of Green Gables (again! and on audio)
I Let You Go (this is a dark read if I remember correctly)
The Secrets of Midwives
Love, Alice
We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves
The Kitchen House
Homegoing (this was one of the best things I read this year)
The Dinner

Children's Fiction (I read a lot with the kids but some of these stood out from our morning or evening read a loud time or some I just read by myself)
Most of the Narnia series (we have just one and a half books left)
The Poet's Dog
The Green Ember (one of Cole's favorite things we read this year)
The Penderwicks (I read this because it was on several booklists, and I thought it was boring!)
Wonder (I have mixed opinions of this story.)
The Courage of Sarah Noble

Amos Fortune 
Falling Free (part memoir, part theology)
At Home In The World

New Collected Poems by Wendell Berry

Books I Started But Didn't Finish (for various reasons)
Glory in the Ordinary
The Benedict Option
The Broken Way
Irena's Children
The Zookeeper's Wife
Bird By Bird
The Vanishing American Adult
Chasing Slow
Give Your Child The World
Moon Over Manifest

Books I Am Still Reading This Year
Charlotte Mason Vol. 6 Philosophy of Education (doing with a book study)
For The Children's Sake (have read before - doing with a book study)
The Life Giving Home (going through this slowly this year to follow the calendar)

2018 Book Challenge

1. award winner from the year you were born or the year you graduated from high school
2. Newberry winner
3. Caledcott winner
4. a book of poetry
5. a biography
6. a memoir
7. a book that takes place in your city or state
8. a book about an animal
9. a book that is science fiction or fantasy
10. a book you should have read in high school but did not
11. a book that you have not read since you were a child
12. a book that a friend recommended
13. a book that has been made into a movie
14. a book about traveling
15. a book set in a country you would like to visit
16. a book another book mentioned/reference
17. a book about philosophy, theology, or religion
18. a book with a pretty or an intriguing cover
19. a controversial book
20. a book that you think will help you in some way

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