Sunday, May 28, 2017

To Bugaboo, who is almost six and a half

Dear Bug,
You have been six for almost half a year now, and here I am finally writing your letter. I was late with your brother's letter, too, so I hope you will forgive my procrastination and delay.
(photo credit for this one - Sarah Bottarel Photography)

In a couple of days, you will finish kindergarten. It was a fast year and a slow year, an easy year and a hard year, and I wonder what you have learned while also marveling at what you have accomplished. Letters and sounds have always been your thing. I remember being in an IEP meeting when you were not quite four and telling the-powers-that-be that you knew all your letters and their sounds. They replied that you didn't need to know that yet, instead of seeing the beauty of the fact that you did know them. You know many beautiful things in your own mysterious way of learning and showing what you know, and I am thankful to be the one who daily gets to witness that. You can read short words, and you love your favorite stories. This year you returned often to your old favorite, Blueberries for Sal, and you also love poetry and Beatrix Potter, and of course, Pete the Cat. You have branched out from your favorite Veggie Tales characters and now also enjoy Buck Denver, Sid the Science Kid, Daniel Tiger, and Super Why.

You have handled our move and transition to Arizona much better than we thought you might, much better than your mom. You miss your art and music classes and your friends there. We have had a break from therapies as we settle in, but you have not regressed. Your endurance is getting better on walks, and you have also met a very important milestone this year. You enjoy our trips to the pool, and you love bossing Scout around. One of the phrases I hear you often say is, "I do it. I do it myself." Little by little you are taking steps to independence, and it is a joy to watch. You are a joy to watch grow up. We love you just the way you are, and we are so thankful that you are the six year old in our family right now.