Saturday, October 15, 2016

To Bubby, who has been seven for quite a while now

Dear Bubby,
I have drafted this letter several times now, always meaning to sit down and write the whole thing. Yet, here it is October, and I am finally writing it. It isn't for lack of love or motivation, but lack of brain power once I get you and your brother to bed.

You are seven now. We celebrated at the end of spring with pizza and bowling with just a few friends from Sunday school. I brought Star Wars plates and masks, and it was delightful watching you have such a good time with your buddies. They are good friends to you - both the boys and their families - and I pray that in each season of your life you will have friends such as these.

You are reading chapter books, and you devour Beverly Cleary and Roald Dahl stories. I love that you love to read some of the things I once loved. You pick out audiobooks for the car, and we listen to them at least every Thursday, sometimes more often, and sometimes you bring them inside for free time. You played basketball again last winter, and I could tell the difference a year makes. I wonder what we will see this year. You have decided soccer is not the sport for you at this time, and that was a good conversation you had with me and Daddy. You like thinking about inventions and things you will create some day. You like building your Lego sets and then you like taking them apart. You love Star Wars, and I think the highlight of your year was when Daddy surprised you with a trip to the movies to see Episode 7 - just you and him. You saved your money and bought the DVD when it came out. I have lost track of how many times you have watched it.

You are a good brother and a good friend. You are patient with others, even with your parents. You are quick to forgive. You are good with little kids - your new cousin and our preschool friend. You are tenderhearted, and I hope the world never steals that tender heart away from you. You ask questions all of the time. All of the time. You are often silly, but you are also a deep thinker because some of the questions you come up with baffle us.

We have watched you grown in height and wisdom and age this year, but we have also watched you grow spiritually. You came to faith, and the Lord continues to grow that in you. You are interested in missions, and I pray that if that is the path Jesus has for you, that I can continue to entrust you to Him, no matter where that leads.

I am sorry this letter is late, but I know you understand. You see the day-to-day stuff of our lives, and I am so glad you are a part of it. I am so thankful for the seven-plus years you have been with us, and I am looking forward to the adventures ahead.


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