Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hope: reflecting on my word for 2015

Hope was a strange word to focus on this year. There was little I could tangibly see or do that made me think, "Ah, I'm really getting this hope thing down now.  Gold star for me." But honestly that is not the point of my word of the year choices. My word doesn't mandate that I make another checklist of things to do or characteristics to be. My word allows me the freedom to simply focus on one thing. No rules. Just freedom to focus and notice and apply.

I don't know if I am more hopeful this year than last. I think I am, but there isn't any data to back it up. I do know that I noticed the word "hope" or themes of hope in books and songs and verses. I know that on really hard days, I could remind myself of the hope I have, hope that is not of myself.

I want to continue resting on hope in the days and weeks ahead. I want to choose hope over despair each time I am sad or overwhelmed. I want to help others experience true hope. I will be choosing a new word tomorrow, but I'm not giving up on hope. I'm clinging to it.

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