Monday, December 7, 2015

For Bugaboo as he turns five

Dear Bug,

Five. How is that even possible? Your auntie Lisa texted to say how you look like such a big boy today, and it is true. Before my very eyes you have transformed from baby to toddler to preschooler, and in less than a year, you will be a kindergartner. I still remember the first moment I held you, overwhelmed with love and gratitude that you were here.  Each night I check on you one more time before I go to bed. You are sleeping, and I look at you and have that same overwhelming feeling. I am so glad you are here. I am so glad I get to be your mama.

You are the hardest working child I know, and your perseverance during therapies each week amazes and humbles me.We have seen such growth in speech and gross motor this year.  I love how you and your echolalia attempt to call Dad "Babe" instead of Daddy. I love how you know the names of every kid in your Cubbies class and who is absent. I love how you will sing so many songs when you think no one is listening, and how you have quoted part of Rev. 3:15 for a month now. I love how much you love Christmas trees and books, and how every morning you want a piece of toast.

This year you have really mastered the slides at the park and on the church playground. You are getting faster at the stairs, and your auditory memory is amazing. Your recent favorite thing to do is to attempt to climb on the kitchen table. You reach your hands up to the light fixture and sing loudly, 'The name of the Lord is a strong tower!"  You continue to develop your own sense of humor, and you love to quote a few of your favorite movie lines much like every other male member of both families. This fall you were able to take an art class and a music class, and those have become new favorite activities. You sit in with your big brother's school work a good chunk of the time and can do the recitation work of poetry and songs just as well as he can. You love Robert Lewis Stephenson poems and the book Paddle to the Sea along with your own favorite books of Pete the Cat (still), Winnie the Pooh, the Rhyme Time Bible and any ABC book we bring into the house. We had a Pete party for you a few weeks ago, and you are still talking about it. I have loved watching you learn and play and grow this year.

You have taught me to pray and to persevere and to be thankful, and I will always be your advocate as well as your mama. Happy birthday, Bugaboo! We delight that God gave us you, and we have confidence that He has a plan for your life.


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