Thursday, December 3, 2015

Being Picked

I help in Cubbies every week at our church. I am the secretary, and I also help Bugaboo with the things he needs assistance with - holding the styrofoam cup at snack, helping him up and down the stairs, removing him if he has a meltdown, and being his helper during game time.

Preschoolers are a squirrelly bunch. I say that with love and affection.  They all could use a one on one helper during game time, I think. But a lot of the activities would be impossible for Bug to do without me lifting him to jump or hold his hand to run the relays. Earlier in the year there were a couple of things that happened during game time that broke my heart. There have been a couple times I have had to hide and cry in the ladies' room. Some weeks I wait and break down at home. But we show up every week and give it a try because overall it is a good thing for both of us. Most weeks there aren't any tears.

This week though there was a wonderful moment. It came time for a relay with partners. Usually I'm Bug's only partner because he can't keep up with his peers for these activities, and four year olds aren't great about slowing down to help their teammates. But this week a little girl on his team declared that she wanted Bug as her partner. She ran slowly. She laughed (in a nice way, not a mocking way) when he ran the wrong way. She let me help both of them finish. She encouraged him by just being his friend. And she encouraged me because she picked him for a race even though she did not have to.  My son was picked, and in that moment I was given another glimpse of the goodness of God.


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