Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving (without an oven)

Our oven broke this afternoon. During the busiest baking time of the year, the heating element corroded or something because my cornbread unexpectedly burned and there was a small flame at the bottom of the oven. Upon further inspection, The Hubs discovered the hole, and although it made me feel better that my baking skills were not to be questioned, we also discovered a replacement part could not arrive for at least three days. My pumpkin bars were safe - having been removed just minutes before the burning of the cornbread. However, we have a mostly thawed turkey in our fridge and a few side dishes - all but one needing the oven and  its heating element.

We have pie and pumpkin bars, and tomorrow we will visit Bob Evans or Cracker Barrel, as Google informed us that both establishments have a turkey dinner. The upside is I will not have to do the dishes tomorrow. The down side is I won't have my sweet potato casserole until at least Monday. The other upside is that I have already cut into the pumpkin bars this evening since my meal tomorrow includes dessert.

I miss Thanksgiving at Mimi and Papa's, not for the food as much as the after lunch time. I miss Dominoes and Up and Down the River and trying to avoid being labeled "Back of the Sled." I miss drawing names, not because I want presents, but because it meant family.

Time moves on and seasons change, and right now we are in a season of not being able to travel for Thanksgiving. My kids will add "the year the oven broke" to some of their earliest Thanksgiving memories, and we will FaceTime the many people we love most in the world. There will be Candyland and Trouble this year instead of cards, and we will try to figure out where to put the Christmas tree (again) in our small house. We will finish watching Anne of Green Gables and put on the Christmas DVDs.

Tomorrow will be a beautiful day because we have everything we need and so much more.

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  1. Happy thanksgiving! You're right, your boys will always remember with a smile the year the oven broke. It sounds like you have a lovely day planned.


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