Sunday, August 2, 2015

living fully alive - the back to school edition

It's Sunday night, and I do not have the Sunday night blues.  Our first week of homeschooling for the new school year went well, and I am as ready as I think I can be for week number two.  I know homeschooling isn't for everybody, but I am loving what I am doing this year. I love the curriculum I have/am piecing together for both boys. I love using living books. Bubby is excited about learning history and geography this year. I am pleased with how well his first attempts at narrating (summarizing) have gone. Bugaboo is joining in for many parts of our day in addition to the part of the day set aside for his own learning and therapy homework. I am tired, but I am content.

The only hard part for Bubby and me is handwriting. I hate teaching it. He doesn't like doing it. Handwriting is over-rated. (There, I said it.) Also, there is glitter all over my house from Bugaboo's preschool art. He already has done more hands-on activities in five days at home than he did in two and a half months in his special education preschool last year. (Yep, I said that, too.) Even with the glitter that is still appearing in random places around the house, I say that last week was a wonderful week.

St. Irenaeus said, "The glory of God is man fully alive." I feel fully alive in my current roles.

I have friends who make beautiful cakes and cards and quilts. I have friends who run marathons and balance budgets for large companies.  I have friends who preach and teach and advise and heal.  I am amazed by all of their gifts, most of them which I do not possess.   Thankfully, August reminds me what my gifts are. It always has, and it hopefully always will.

I miss the regular classroom a little bit. Mostly I miss the interaction with other adults and the feeling of making a difference in the lives of students.  The other parts that I miss - the planning and organizing and teaching - I still get to do, and I get to be the one in charge of it, rather than an administrator, publishing company or government bureaucracy.  In the 21st century sometimes it is not admirable to say that one loves being a mom, especially that one loves being a homeschooling mom. But I love it. This isn't about mommy-wars. This is about what my calling is, and I firmly believe that this is my calling for this season in our family's life. It comes with sacrifice, just like any callings do. Yet, it doesn't feel like a hard sacrifice when I'm doing what I love.

Find what you love to do, what you are called to do in this season, and pursue it. Don't worry so much about what others think. Make the most of your gifts and live fully alive.

Happy Back to School season!!

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