Saturday, July 18, 2015

Our life in smartphone pictures (weeks 27 -?)

This is how the MacB family spent their summer vacation (via smartphone pictures):

We went to Silver Dollar City and learned that I cannot handle spinning rides at all any more.  Here is our last family teacup ride selfie.

At Dream Night at the zoo, the boys got to meet some StarWars characters.  They also were able to pet some creepy animals, and I managed to help Bugaboo pet things that I normally would avoid.

The boys went to Illinois for a few days, so The Hubs and I actually got a couple of date nights in.

Here's Bubby and Bugaboo enjoying the best ice cream ever - which happens to be in my hometown.

We discovered the awesomeness that is corn on the cob grilled with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Bubby and I took turns being sick for a big part of the month of July. It also rained quite a bit, so we had to find indoor activities.  Here is one of them:

Our third year going to our local 4th of July parade.

Took the boys roller skating with our co-op. It was Bubby's second time (though it has been a few years) and Bug's first time.  Bug did not enjoy it at all, but we tried! Bubby started getting the hang of it, especially on the carpeted areas.

 Bubby went to a soccer camp and a basketball camp here in town. At soccer camp he earned the "Most Christlike" award. I'm not sure if it is Christlike for me to be proud of him for that, but I hope it is.

The boys went to two VBS programs this summer. It was Bug's first time to go to one that wasn't at our church, and it was also his first time being out of the nursery VBS program at our church. He did well at both programs, and I am so thankful for the volunteers who made it possible for him to attend. I am also worn out from teaching third and fourth graders this week. Hard to believe I used to teach fourth graders all day every day.

Bubby starts first grade in a little over a week. So even though there is still a month left of summer, we are getting started with our modified year-round schedule. Looking forward to the weeks ahead of us!

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