Thursday, June 4, 2015

To Bubby, age six

Dear Bubby,

You turned six a few days ago, and though you were sick and running a fever we managed to celebrate at home a bit with your requested Chick-fil-a breakfast biscuit, Mexican food take-out, and fancy cupcakes that had a mini-Oreo on top. Every present was your favorite this year - a year filled with Legos and Ninja Turtles and light sabers, which you still call "light savers." Your list of words that you pronounce incorrectly grew shorter this year, so I only correct the light saber error because I don't want anyone to make fun of you. But honestly, I think it is adorable. That and the fact that you still say "aminals" from time to time instead of animals and "Pichotle" instead of "Chipotle." It seems there "baby words" are all that are left, and there's a part of me that regrets not recording every other word you have mispronounced over the years.

The fact that you are six now, Bubby, is a little bit hard for your mama. For one thing, you call me Mom now almost all of the time. And I came to realize about a month ago that your time with us, your mom and dad, is 33% over. You are 1/3 of your way to eighteen, to adulthood. It is going much faster than I ever thought it would. This saddens me, but it is also a joy to watch you grow.

You are reading so well now. Even in the last month you pick up (an age appropriate) book and read it cold with little to no assistance. I love listening to you read real books. I love how you laugh at classics like Frog and Toad, as well as the newer Piggie and Elephant books. We survived our first year of homeschooling together, and though there were tears (from both of us at times), it helped me to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses as well as mine.

You started piano this year, and it has been fun to hear you practice the last couple of weeks - now that lessons are over for the summer - and you are practicing because you want to. You tried basketball for the first time this year, and it was hard for you as one of the youngest and littlest on the team, but you stuck with it. You continued playing soccer, and it was fun to see you on the older end of your spring team, knowing what to do and making some goals.  You memorized all your verses for Awana this year, but more important than that, I see God working on your heart by the questions you ask about Him and the tenderheartedness I see displayed in your life.

You continue to be an excellent big brother. I know it is hard, but you handle our family's unique dynamics with grace and strength. You are patient and kind, and when I see you reading to Bug or wrestling with him or even working on his speech therapy homework with him, I am humbled and amazed by your kindness.

You are testing the boundaries. You remind me so much of myself with the words and attitudes that come out of your heart and mouth at times, and I pray you will learn how to use these things as assets rather than hindrances. You still have an innocence about you that most kids even your age lack these days, and I am thankful for that. I am thankful that you create rocketships out of cardboard boxes and pirate ship cannons out of papertowel rolls. You are kind to babies and toddlers. Your questions and observations are non-stop.

I pray that your year of being six would be blessed with fun and excitement, with new learning and new chances to show compassion. I pray that your heart would be open to Jesus and that your eyes would be open to those around you.  Happy birthday!


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