Tuesday, May 5, 2015

we need each other

In almost every season of life, I have been blessed with caring and quality friends. This season I am seeing yet again what a gift good friends are.

Bug had an episode during Bubby's spring performance last night. I was there as a solo-parent because The Hubs had to work. At church if there is an issue, I can take him out to the foyer or the cry room. But I couldn't get up in the middle of Bubby singing, "I've Got The Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down In My Heart" because then he wouldn't have an family member in the audience watching him.  And so I tried every thing I could to get Bugaboo to quiet down, but he wouldn't. Finally Bubby's brief portion of the show ended and he came back to sit with me.

My kind friend in the row ahead of me assured me the noise wasn't a big deal. Her compassion made me cry more. (Did I mention at one point I couldn't stop the tears from coming out of my eyes in a room full of people? Agh. I'm crying all of the time this year.) We ducked out of the show early, which I hate to do because I think it is rude to just stay for my child's section, but I didn't have another option. Bug, of course settled down as soon as we got outside near the car. I softly cried most of the way home for a myriad of reasons. There are parts of life right now that are incredibly lonely. There are things that happen that feel like we took two steps forward only to take one (HUGE) step back.

When I got home I texted a far-away friend who I knew would get it. I didn't need to explain nor need her to fix anything. I just said what happened and she understood and that was enough. That was a blessing.  Later that night another (newer) friend who was there texted me to check on me, and the first friend sent me a message. I get emotional just thinking about it because I hate being seen as weak or needy or different. Yet I am also crying becauseI am also so glad that they saw me and had compassion (which is different than pity) and reached out to a very embarrassed me.

Almost everything that is going on in my little world lately reminds me how we need each other.  We need encouragement and we need to encourage. We need prayers and we need to pray. We need a break and we need to help give others a break.We need to celebrate our loved ones' milestones and the victories and we need to celebrate others' victories. We shouldn't be ashamed of those needs, even if our situations are different.

My friends didn't have to reach out, but they did.And at the very end of the night last night I didn't feel quite as alone.

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