Wednesday, May 20, 2015

what most people don't tell you about the church

Tonight was the end of our Awana year at church.  I feel much of the same gratitude for my church now as I did last year. (You can read about that here.) This week has been hard, today has been hard, but I have peace and joy as I reflect upon tonight's event.

Bug moved up to Cubbies this year, and I worked in his classroom as secretary and to assist him. It was a significant transition for him. He was asked to memorize verses, listen with the big kids during opening ceremony, and participate in game time in addition to the story, snack and song component similar to last year.  From my mom/teacher perspective, I see the gap getting bigger for my son, but I also see people standing in the gap to help.

I see his other teachers cheering him along as we run the circle during games. I notice one student who is always patient with him as she waits for him during snack or coloring clean-up. I hear another child always say hello to him every week. I witness several Cubbies letting Bug get the closer beanbag during a game and the game directors finding ways to give my son success. I observe as teachers listen closely to decipher his words during Bible verse time. I see the excitement in Bugaboo's eyes when the Cubbie Bear puppet comes out each week. The teachers and students in the room are gracious to us when I have to take him out of class due to a meltdown.

It has been a hard year in some ways on Wednesday nights. Every week I see his strengths and weaknesses right alongside the strengths and weaknesses of his peers. Each week I am learning what works well for Bugaboo and what his limitations are. Even on difficult nights,  I still can't imagine walking through this process elsewhere. I said it last year, and I will say it again, For every disillusionment I have had with "the Church," there are beautiful moments and faithful and kind people that keep pointing me to Jesus.  

(photo from September)

My church models the servanthood of Jesus. I hate asking for help, but I am so thankful for the people who help us week after week. These people take pictures of the awards ceremony for me, sit with Bubby when I have to take Bug into the hallway. They offer to sit with Bugaboo so I can go back in to service. They help Bug on and off of the stage during a children's program/awards night. They pray with me if they find me crying in the bathroom,  and they always, always, always say hello to us when they see us. This is the picture of the Church. This is the picture of family.

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  1. Sharing! There is so much that is similar to our experiences at our church. So glad that adults and children alike are helping your son succeed and being Jesus to you.


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