Friday, March 6, 2015

This Week (month and a half) in (smartphone) Pictures - week 12-17

The end of January and all of February went by without me posting pictures from my phone of our day-to-day life. Here are the highlights of our winter that I caught on my phone.

Tenth anniversary date night selfie.Thankful for our friends who watched our kiddos while we went out to eat.

A rare nap for Bugaboo.

Bug has really started to get into his play kitchen - this was a great day where his pretend play was the best it had been. He still prefers to just look at his cookbook, but this little kitchen has been where we have had the most success with some of those pretend skills/interaction skills he needs.

 A beautiful day in February playing in the backyard. This was before our snowy weeks.

 "Hey there, groovy chick. I dressed myself before co-op day. Mom didn't realize it was yearbook picture day OR that my shirt was unbuttoned like it was the 1970s." ~ Bubby, age 5

Boxes from Babushka are the best! Exhibit A.

Exhibit B. (Not sure how exactly he got himself in, but he definitely needed my help getting out!)


Bubby helping saute' the veggies for fajitas.

Valentine's box Bubby made at co-op. God bless kindergarten teachers who do the V-day boxes at school instead of having parents do them at home!

The best sugar cookies in all the land. Too good to only eat at Christmas.

Found this waiting for me somewhere in my house.

Night of the Decades theme night at Awana - I tried to dress for the 80's using things I had in my closet.  Wish my bangs would have been puffier. I was better at doing my hair when I was eight.

Trying out a gymnastics class with our other co-op. Fun, fun, fun for both of the boys!

Cars for the Pinewood Derby at church - Cookie Monster Car (Bug) and The Flash (Bubby).

Working on pre-jumping skills using the scooter.

Bubby made Jesus out of play-doh. Next to Jesus (not pictured) is a stegosaurus. I'm assuming Jesus is cool with this.

Finished kindergarten math this week. So proud of Bubby! Onto the next level before we break for summer in two months! (Can't believe how fast this school year has gone!)

Attempting a snow day (aka pajama day) selfie with Bugaboo. He was not really into it.

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