Monday, March 30, 2015

Make sure to check your oil

The other day while cleaning I found my handwritten notes from an interview I did with Mimi and Papa about their lives. I'm not exactly sure what year I did this, but I remember sitting at their kitchen table with questions, but mostly just listening to their stories of their growing up years. The tape recorder didn't work that day, so I have two pages of notebook paper with my chicken scratch on it to remind me of their stories of my grandma's years in California, both of their years in a little town in southern Illinois where they would walk the square for something fun to do, and of the days when my grandpa would hitchhike up north several hours to where my grandma lived. What a joy to read through my notes tonight. On the back of the paper I found some words of wisdom from Papa. I can almost hear his voice as I read his advice:

  • "Find someone who will stick with you."
  • "Don't spend more than $5-now days $50 - without talking it over with your spouse."
  • "Women need more than men." 
  • "Whatever it is you're arguing about isn't all that important. Let it rest."
  • "At the lowest ebb the tide turns."
  • "Don't be afraid to be the first bird off the wire."
I smiled as I read the list because Papa forgot to mention the piece of advice he always gave me, "Make sure to check your oil."

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