Monday, February 23, 2015

the snowy days

I am not a fan of snow.

I moved to southwest Arizona right after college for a few reasons, one of which was not having to live in snow ever again.  Two years later, I was back in Missouri. And (almost ten years after that) we are still here.

Our winter this year hadn't been very snowy at all.  Then in the last week a few inches fell, the temperatures got really cold, and we got a little bit of freezing rain/ice.  Due to the weather we only had one "normal" day last week. The rest of the week our appointments were cancelled/rescheduled. And as much as I love routine and was so ready to be back into our routine this week, the break was nice.

Four days a week we have at least one place (sometimes two) for Bug to be for therapies. A couple of other days a week we have other activities for one or both of the boys. The down time was lovely. I think I stayed in pajamas or sweatpants almost every day.

Bubby loves the snow. He played for quite a while in the backyard with Scout while I watched from the kitchen table.  Bugaboo is usually ready to come in and read his books after a few minutes of walking slowly (or just standing still) in the snow.

We enjoyed the snow this last week or so. And now, in my opinion, it can leave. I'm ready for spring and the allergies the pollen brings. :)


  1. YES. The snow can leave anytime now...Please...

    1. It's done now, right? We should celebrate with ice cream or coffee.


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