Thursday, February 12, 2015

meltdowns, Cubbies, and Jesus

I started writing a couple of (long) paragraphs about what life is like right now. I put a positive spin on it because overall things are good. They really are.

But I'm tired this week. And I can't put a positive spin on that.

Bug has had some set-backs with meltdowns lately - they come in waves, I think a friend used that term recently. Last night was really hard for him.

He melted down at Cubbies - one of his favorite things to do all week. I thought about writing out all of what transpired with him but honestly the details are not that important. It was long and it was hard and as he was crying (and flailing and yelling so incredibly loud) I couldn't completely keep my own tears in as I sat in the hallway. It was one of his longest meltdowns in public and one of his most intense. It was heartbreaking.

He eventually calmed down, and we were able to leave early thanks to the amazing people I work with.

But the most beautiful thing happened as I was getting our belongings packed up. One of his classmates came over and gave him a hug and said good-bye, and then another classmate did the same thing.

And I saw Jesus in the compassion and understanding of two little boys wearing blue and red Cubbie vests.

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  1. Meltdowns. Setbacks. These are our reality. Thank you for sharing here, and I'm so glad you were able to see compassion in the midst of this. It won't always be this hard. I promise. It may take years (it will probably take years). But eventually he will make gains so great that the world opens up to you all again and you will look back and see that it was worth it, all the work and therapy and searching for answers. Praying for rest for you tonight.


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