Wednesday, February 25, 2015


While en route home from BSF today, Bubby said to me, "When I grow up I want Bug to live with me because otherwise I will miss him."

I managed to hold in all my various types of tears.

I worry a lot about both of my boys. I worry about Bubby having to share a room with a little brother who has unexplained meltdowns. I worry about his conversations being interrupted because of having to take care of something for Bugaboo. I worry about all the time he sits in waiting rooms and doctors' offices and therapy appointments for his little brother. I worry about how a five and a half year old handles the circumstances of our lives together.

And today, without intending to, he reminded me that it's going to be okay. Their friendship and their brotherhood doesn't look like the ones their peers have, but my boys aren't missing out. Bubby's words reassured me that they are probably the best brothers in the world.

one of my favorite old snapshots of the boys

photo from tonight's Night of the Decades at Awana -
(90's decade)

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