Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Treasured Posts of 2014

Here are some of my most treasured posts from the year 2014. I'll be back soon to write about my year of "quiet" and reveal my new word for 2015.
Photo taken by Sarah Bottarel Photography

To Bubby, Who Is Now Five Years Old
 I would sew masks and make a punch-out game and pin the pizza on the turtle all over again each year to see you smile the way that you did.

Oceans -
The great unknown for me isn't a new location or a new calling. The great unknown for me is in my mothering.

You are Not Forgotten
somewhere between the word meaningless
and themes of sovereignty 
the facilitator said,

"You are not forgotten."

What I Want You To Know on CP Awareness Day
It is easy as a mama to get overwhelmed, even when your child fits the textbook description of milestones and development. But there is something I think unique to motherhood when you have a child with unique challenges.  I celebrate the little things

The Marriage Letters - Once Upon A Time
Every piece of baggage I brought with me, you helped me unpack. And even when I feared you would leave or when I threatened to leave - because that is what I knew of marriage - you stayed.

I Like To Be Part of God's Big Family. Puggles! Puggles!
For every disillusionment I have had with "the Church," there are beautiful moments and faithful and kind people that keep pointing me to Jesus.

Me and God:
I need order of service and responsive readings...I need oil on a forehead, not because it is magic, but because it is powerfully symbolic.

To Bug, Who is Four:
You have taught us to pray and to have faith. You are teaching us to accept things that may not change. You teach us that all anyone really wants is to be included, to have a group of people who will always say hi and greet us with a smile.

A Letter To My Boys at Advent: Peace
There are words that will shatter you, experiences that will devastate you, and pain that will pierce so deep you will wonder if this faith thing is even real, even worth it. I pray that when those times come, you will know His peace.

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