Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This Week In (Smartphone) Pictures - Week 5

With birthday party/birthday, Advent, and today's out of town neurology appointment, I am a bit behind, but better late than never.

Last year I started a tradition of letting the boys paint an ornament.  Last year it was a standard circle shape, this year I picked out snowmen.  Bubby had painted a lovely snowman with buttons and a carrot nose and a scarf... and then he kept painting and painting. And I was not a control-freak, but I did ask why he chose to decorate it the way he did. "Well, you told me to paint it," was his reply.

Here is Bug deciding to get into big brother's toys while Bubby is at his once-a-week school. He has never really done this before, and he seemed to be excited to dump out the box containing the Batmobile and the Ninja Turtles.

Bubby "wrote" a song ("It's a hymn," he told us.) Then he played it on piano. He wants to know when he can sing with us on stage at church. Considering his parents don't sing on stage at church, we told him it would be awhile.

This is Bugaboo - sitting on his knees all on his own choosing and ability.  And I have seen him do this a few more times over the last several days. Mini-milestone!

Cowboy/cowgirl night at Awana last week. We don't have cowboy hats, but we did wear plaid shirts, bandanas, and jeans. (And I wore the cowboy boot pin my grandpa made many years ago.)

For Bug's birthday party, I made a pin-the-tooth on Larry the Cucumber game. Veggie Tales provided a fun theme for us for Bug's birthday. It is still hanging on my front door - only with teeth this time. Bug is happy to still see Larry on the door, so I need to move it to his room instead of throwing it away.

Bubby had his first basketball game this Saturday. He gets so excited when his teammates make a basket. He won the sportsmanship award this first week. He may not have arm strength or a lot of coordination yet, but he has heart!

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