Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

The entire Christmas season seemed to go much more quickly than usual this year. The Hubs was wrapping up his BSN, we celebrated Bug turning four with his first real party, we wondered if we would be in Missouri in the weeks and months after Christmas, and we tried to make time for Advent both on Sunday evenings and in our daily quiet time as a family.  But still, Christmas came and now it is over again for another year.

I have spent the last couple of weeks off of Facebook and limiting other social media time. I have been quieter than usual, and now as I sit to document Christmas 2014, I find myself wanting to share all of the pictures and all of the memories.  I don't want to forget that The Hubs took Bubby to the bookstore so he could buy a present for his brother. (But Bubby was upset that he couldn't get a book, too. "What?! You mean Bug gets ALL the presents?!") Bubby was a wiseman in our school co-op's Christmas program, but I was too far away from the stage to get a decent picture.

We made Christmas cookies with my new-found favorite sugar cookie recipe. Bubby enjoyed cutting and decorating, but Bugaboo did not.  Bug did enjoy the texture of the Christmas garland on the tree this year, and he was fascinated with the Santa ornaments and his Puggles' ornament from his class last year.  We saw Santa at BassPro. Bubby had written him a letter, but was very shy to give it to the jolly old elf. On two different evenings we drove around looking at Christmas lights.

We had pizza take-out on Christmas Eve before heading to a candlelight service.  We took communion, which I think was a first for me on Christmas Eve, but what better time to remember? Bubby was able to hold his own candle this year, which was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Bug slept through the entire service.

We had a slow morning of breakfast and presents and then a late lunch. Bubby pretty much got Legos and Bug got an assortment of things raging from Veggie Tales to occupational therapy items to a new Christ Haughton book. We had dessert with some family that now live in town and/or that are in town this week, and Bubby stayed up much too late on Christmas night watching The Grinch on television.

The sacredness of Christmas as well as the magical, fun, child-filled-wonder of Christmas fills my heart even now tonight. It was a good year with my little family.

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