Sunday, November 9, 2014

This Week In (Smartphone) Pictures -and one real picture

Sometimes I feel really bad that many of my children's pictures are taken with my phone. I have a great camera that I try to utilize often. But my phone is (almost) always handy. And thus I end up with cellphone pictures that may not always be high quality, but capture the moment pretty well. When I feel bad about the phone pictures, I remember how many pictures of my early childhood were taken with a Polaroid, and then I don't feel so bad any more. (No guilt trip here, Mom!)

So I may be starting a Sunday night thing called This Week In (Smartphone) Pictures in an attempt to recap some of the highlights of our week and as a reminder to be thankful for all of the good things in my life.

The weather is about to get colder, so I have tried to be more intentional about getting the boys outside to enjoy beautiful days. One of things both boys love to do is play with the rake. Not really raking, but it's a start.

Bubby has started to enjoy drawing - this a fairly recent development. (He enjoys cutting more. Until this week he had only cut paper. Monday morning he cut up his shirt. And then had to pay for that shirt from his piggy bank. Lesson learned. I was proud of me - I remained so calm about it. Probably because I was a fan of the scissors around his age.) Anyhoo - this is a picture of "Mommy being pecked by a turkey, and me in a turkey cage." Someone is ready for Thanksgiving.

 This was on election day. We always take our boys with us to vote. The workers at our polling place have seen our kids grow up every few months. Bubby was dressed very hipster-like, which seems odd since I don't know if you can be a hipster in a family that votes mostly libertarian with a dash of conservatism.  Plus, Bubby informed me, "I'm not a hipster! I'm a hamster!"

Here's Bugaboo, sorting by shape.  He refused to do this for his screening early in the week. I knew he could, so I started two piles. Instead he added three piles of the remaining shapes, and then sorted five shapes into their respective piles as quickly as his hands that have a hard time with fine motor skills would let him. Then he got bored and returned to his books. Take that, Standardized Testing!

Seriously, this dog is the best thing for Bugaboo, She did something very naughty in our room this week, but at the end of the day, she is friend and protector of our boys - especially the youngest. Her name should be Nana instead of Scout.

I signed up Bubby  for basketball.  I don't think he had ever touched a basketball until practice this week. Oops! But he's got my Papa's DNA, so maybe this will be his thing.  We worked on dribbling and passing. He got bonked on the nose with one of my passes, but kept going until the rake and the snake (yes!) in the yard looked more entertaining.

And this last picture was one of our fall family photos from a real photographer (Sarah Bottarel Photography) with a real camera and real talent. It wasn't from last week - but close enough!

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