Thursday, November 20, 2014

Five Minute Friday - notice

Five Minute Friday is a community of  bloggers free writing on a one word prompt each week for five minutes - don't overthink it or edit it are the rules. Then link up and encourage another writer. This week's prompt is "notice."


I spent two or so hours Thursday morning volunteering in toddler class. I had semi-whined to The Hubs the night before, "Toddlers? Preschoolers? Why don't I ever get to help with something with older kids or adults?" I have a preschooler and a kindergartner at home, and while I love, love, love being a mom to my own kids at this age, I always tell people early childhood is not my thing. And then I end up having, er, getting to serve younger children.

Even though I said it wasn't my thing, I actually had a lovely time that morning.  This class is extremely well-run, the whole organization is, and I enjoyed helping with the kids, reading stories, and rocking little ones who were missing their mommies.

At the end of the time, one of the people who I presume to be in charge of something said to me, "I enjoyed watching you work with the kids today. You have a gift." She noticed me.

And that affirmation from someone I don't even know spoke such life into me.  Working (volunteering) with kids is often a thankless, unnoticed job. Being a mom feels unnoticed most days, too. But being told I have a gift freed me from the thinking I'd been doing lately that what I do isn't good enough, isn't as good as being something or someone else.

This morning I was doing laundry. Again. It does not feel like a gift or a calling to do laundry or dishes or vacuuming every day. It feels like what it is - a chore. But as I was matching socks, I realized my doing laundry to keep our household running is no less valuable than being a speaker or a writer or CEO. 
(A picture from the baby/toddler phase of life - almost four years ago!)

Playing with Play-doh. Zipping up jackets. Reading the same book for the five hundredth time. Sweeping up the cracker crumbs. Wiping the drool off his chin. Listening to Silly Songs with Larry... again. It matters. And it can be a calling, my gift, if I will do it with all my heart.

What I am doing matters because it matters to the three people I love the most.

(Apologies - I went over by about a minute which pains me because I am such a stickler normally for the rules.)


  1. Being "in the trenches" doing the daily stuff that moms need to do may not seem important or worthy of notice, however, it's putting stability into your family which makes a difference in their lives. Trust me, the days will go by quickly and you will never regret it!

    Tammy ~@~

  2. Always we are noticed by someone, but nothing happen until someone have the courage to say it to us... And that helps us to feel better and acknowledge that our acts matter. Have a good time

  3. Babies and toddlers are my FAVORITE!! I would have loved to spend time with you in that classroom that day. Glad someone noticed you and your gifts that day!


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