Saturday, October 18, 2014

the good life

Today was the perfect fall Friday. I wasn't feeling well Thursday evening, but I woke up (very late) this morning feeling much better.  The Hubs was making French toast in the kitchen. Later he mowed the lawn while I did school with Bubby and some therapy things with Bugaboo. While The Hubs was at work this afternoon, I took the boys to the park and Sonic Happy Hour, and we came home with a bag full of new library books to start reading.  After dinner, the boys put on their new costumes from Babushka, and we headed to the zoo's Spooktacular.  There was a semi-situation with Bugaboo that made me think we were going to have to leave right away, but we made it through and then met friends for ice cream afterwards.

My pastor said recently, "Don't think a good marriage is a bad marriage just because it isn't a perfect marriage." I'd like to tweak it just a bit to say, "Don't think a good life is a disappointing life just because it isn't a perfect life."
(imperfect picture from the pumpkin patch a couple of weeks ago)

Sometimes in the stress of the days and with The Hubs' current work schedule, I get overwhelmed. But then a day like today happens, and I gain some perspective once again. My kids wearing capes in the backyard, Bubby digging in the dirt in the park, Bug learning how to balance on the swing, dinner from the crockpot served on our scratched up kitchen table, mid-October temperatures right around seventy degrees at three in the afternoon... this is the good life.


  1. I love this, "Don't think a good life is a disappointing life just because it isn't a perfect life." I will remember that! Thanks so much for the encouragement. Are you homeschooling? How is it going (if you are)? Are you in BSF? Just curious, since we are studying the exact same chapters!!! I love it!! Your kids are adorable!!

    1. Homeschooling C, G goes to (special education) preschool 2 mornings a week. For the most part, I am loving homeschooling. The pros definitely outweigh the cons for this year. And we will take it year by year. I am in BSF - this is my second year. I thought you might be in BSF when you mentioned Moses. Miss you, Kristy!


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