Monday, September 1, 2014

piano lessons

My Christmas present the first year of marriage sits in our living room. Almost a decade ago, The Hubs found a used piano at a place he was volunteering for class and purchased it for me a few weeks before Christmas. Various children (my own included) have nicked the keys with their toys (not allowed on the piano!), it needs to be tuned, the left pedal is stuck for some reason, but it is still one of my favorite gifts ever.

(picture from over a year ago)
Bubby started piano lessons last week. Although he is tall for his age, his feet still don't touch the floor from the bench.  He sits for a few minutes each day practicing his two pages. The sets of black keys - first the pair, then the trio - up with his left hand and down with his right. 3-2,   3-2,   3-2.    4-3-2,   4-3-2... I sing and he says the numbers as he plays. He inherited my long fingers, and even though this non-song is all he can play right now, it is a beautiful sound.

I remember my first two songs I learned to play, also on the black keys. It was in Susie Harper's living room. "In his right hand way up high, red balloon flies in the sky," as my right hand played the three black keys above middle C. I don't know why I remember this, but I do. And she had a poodle named Buffy who would bark when we would come in the door. I remember many things about piano lessons.

I loved piano. I didn't always like practicing, but I loved piano. One of my biggest regrets in life is quitting in middle school. I think that was the only thing I could control back then, when it felt like my life was falling apart. Quitting piano and quitting (postponing) algebra until high school. I don't regret algebra, but hardly a week goes by when I don't regret my piano decision.

I wish I had my piano teacher's email address. I would tell her I've never stopped playing. I'm not any good and I didn't reach my potential, but I still love to play. I would tell her I play when the kids allow me alone time with the keys (which isn't often). And I would tell her one of my new happiest moments has been this week, watching my own five year old learning to curve his fingers and play up and down the piano for the first time.

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