Sunday, September 7, 2014

just about the happiest place on earth

Our mystery child surprises us again.

This weekend our family was given free tickets to a local theme park thanks to the Appreciation Day for The Hubs' work. We were not sure how it would go for Bugaboo, but since we were getting in for free, we were willing to take the chance that our day may look very different from other families.
I cannot even begin to say how happy I am that Bug had not just a good day - he had a fantastic day! 

He rode in the rented park stroller without complaint. He waited in line better than any other three year old. He LOVED every single ride, even the kiddie roller coaster and what I will term "the pseudo roller that the whole family can ride." He laughed on the dips. He loved the "fake Dumbo" ride. He devoured his portion of the funnel cake, which isn't quite as good as a churro, but was pretty excellent.

All day, "I ride my horse." "I drive my train." "I ride my elephant."

Then there was the train - we rode it twice. Each time he was so excited - there was the flapping and happy stomping and sounds he typically saves for his love of Veggie Tales. He had a bit of a difficult time mid-ride each time when there is a "show" to watch off the side of the train. He didn't understand that, and was ready to keep moving, but even that did not cause a meltdown which would have left us stranded in the woods next to the tracks. I don't know if I have ever seen him so filled with joy. On our second train ride near the end of the day, I looked over at The Hubs during one of Bugaboo's very obvious happy moments and almost cried happy tears.  Bug has been working (and doing well with) thank you phrases lately.  As we were exiting the gates at dark, Bug says, "Thank you for taking us outside, Daddy," which was his way of saying he was glad we came.

Can't see much of Bugaboo here. 

In other news, my five year old may need therapy for me putting him on a roller coaster with me first thing in the day. I thought it was going to be like Big Thunder at Disneyland.  My poor child was white as a ghost saying, "I'm scared, Mommy!" We made it through. He even managed to go on the kiddie coaster after some tears in line and say at the end, "That wasn't so bad!" He is still talking today about the roller coaster he didn't like yesterday.I guess being tall enough to ride something doesn't mean it won't be scary for a small person. Lesson learned. He did enjoy most of the other rides he went on, especially the ride that let him shoot at targets (which he ended up not shooting).
BEFORE going on his first ride.
We had no idea what he was in for!

I rode my first thrill rides in at least a decade. I may have prayed on them. I know when one coaster shot me up the hill (yes, you read that right - it shot me up a hill just to start the ride) I shouted out, "Oh Dear Lord!" I become a prayer warrior on roller coasters, even though I love them so.  I saw the place to get salt water taffy, just like my Papa used to get. I almost went in to get some, but I just couldn't. For some reason it made me sad and miss him a lot. He would have had fun watching the boys at this park he took me too over two decades ago!

It has been a long journey getting The Hubs to his RN this last spring. He finishes his bachelor's in December. He's working two jobs and taking those classes. It was such a good time to spend together on his day off. I feel almost ready to tackle the upcoming weeks.
"Stop taking our picture!"

All is forgiven on the safe "fake Dumbo" ride.

Selfie taken on the teacups - makes me smile.

*Wish I would have brought my good camera/been able to take pictures on more of the rides. These few pictures I took were with my phone or old point and shoot.

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