Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's (not) my party, and I'll cry if I want to (but I don't want to)

Bubby's having a  birthday party soon.  He turns five this month  (how is that possible?), and so I told him he could invite a handful of friends over for snacks and cakes and games with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme. I consulted Pinterest, of course for ideas. I have jotted down a few things we can do on our budget and with our small house. At first I was excited about all of this, but now I am panicking a little bit.

I picked up a needle and a thread today to sew elastic onto a felt TMNT mask I made. It only too me two tries to thread the needle.  I don't sew. I don't even know how to sew a button on correctly, but this weekend I am attempting to make masks for his friends.  What was I thinking? With a mixture of joy and dread I am putting party things together. I worry about our house not being good enough or the party not being good enough. Almost every insecurity I have seems to be coming to the surface as the event draws closer. I am pretty sure I know why, but I am not brave enough to write about that yet.

The Hubs kindly asked me the other day why I wanted to do this. He didn't grow up with birthday parties like I did. I have great memories of the parties my mom put together, especially the "Trip to France" themed party I had it second grade. It included berets for all of my friends, pin the top of the tower onto the Eiffel Tower, and little cardboard suitcases we decorated with stickers. We held it in our little old house on 11th Avenue B - the two bedroom one - in the dead of winter. Being outside wasn't even an option, so my party was in our little basement with about eight of my school friends. Twenty-five years later I don't remember thinking our house was too small for that party - I just remember all the work my mom did for that party and all the fun I had with my friends that day.

This pictures was of the year I turned 5, not the year we had the France birthday party
(Most of my childhood pictures are at my mom's house, not with me in Missouri.)
Checkout the awesome Cabbage Patch Kid cake my mom made.

So I'm sitting here now, telling myself to breathe. I'm reminding myself that pin the pizza on the ninja turtle and an obstacle course in our backyard will be a fine birthday party for a five year old. Kids won't care if the eye-holes aren't perfectly centered, they will just enjoy having a mask to wear. If it rains and we all have to crowd into our basement-less house, it will be okay. (But I am still praying for a beautiful day.) And hopefully Bubby twenty-five years down the road Bubby will remember the TMNT party his mama threw him in the  backyard.

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  1. Jim is much better at this sort of thing than I. I'm a very lazy birthday party thrower. If it were up to me, I'd schedule every party after lunch (so I don't have to feed anybody real food); serve cake and ice cream (chips if lucky); avoid games and favors and all the rest. His party's gonna be great. The kids will be just as happy to play together as anything.


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