Monday, March 31, 2014

you are not forgotten (reflections on Ecclesiastes)

In the midst of a study
on some words of Solomon,
but really a study of the words of God,
somewhere between the word meaningless
and themes of sovereignty 
the facilitator said,

"You are not forgotten."

He kept talking,
the class kept discussing,
but my eyes filled like a brook in springtime
because my mind filled,

seasons of war
seasons of peace

seasons of mourning
seasons of dancing

seasons of casting away
seasons of gathering together

seasons of ripping out
seasons of mending

seasons of laughter
and seasons of tears, so many tears it seems

seasons when I spoke  - and thus was forgotten

seasons when I kept silent - and I wondered if anyone remembered

And in this darkness I am told,
You are not forgotten.

I will worship
because He has not forgotten me.


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