Sunday, January 19, 2014

me and God (a poem of reflection after 33 years in a variety of churches)

I need an altar call.

I need the experience of standing and waiting among a group of believers.

I need soft music or loud music, modern or so old I can hear my grandparents' voices in my head singing the same words - but I need hands to the sky or faces to the ground.

I need order of service and responsive readings.

I need corporate prayer of both kinds - the kind where we listen silently and the kind where we verbally participate.

I need bread, not a cracker, and wine in a cup.

I need oil on a forehead, not because it is magic, but because it is powerfully symbolic.

I need prayers that have hands attached to them and a prophetic word that is not so much about the future as it is about the present.

I need to pass the plate, light the candle, say the prayer, give a message.

I need reminding that "missions exists because worship doesn't."

I need quiet reflection.

I need to be given a word and I need to hear one.

I need going through verse by verse but also maybe I need announcements with a "hashtag boom."

(I don't need a clap offering. Or fog machines.)

I need to rock the babies and help the kindergartners and meet with the mamas and use my gifts that are  beyond the stereotypical categories.

I need to give my two copper coins.

I need to worship like this.

Because "the glory of God is man fully alive."

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