Friday, December 6, 2013

as my baby turns three

I blinked, and then you were three.

There are some times as I go by the hospital when I can't help but think of my drive in the middle of the night to St. John's. I remember wondering if the doctor would be able to stop the labor again or if this was the real deal.  In my gut I knew this was it - six weeks early.  They had me drink lots of water and walk the floor. They gave me more meds to stop you from coming so soon, but it didn't work.  More water, more walking. I walked but stopped every couple of minutes down the hallway to wait out a contraction. I was texting your daddy; I was texting Babu. When the sun started coming up, the doctors also knew it  was going to be your day. So Daddy drove to the hospital, Babu drove like a crazy-grandma, and Uncle Chow and Auntie Missa came over to watch Bubby. And later that day you came into this world.

From day one you had your signature wild hair, though it was darker then than it is now.  You loved to sleep, and you have always been our snuggler.  Your bed in the NICU was right by the main desk, so we had a front row to gossip and action.  You weren't very interested in learning to eat, but eventually you learned and were able to come home.

Sometimes in the day-to-day business of life, I don't always see all that you are accomplishing. (I'm sorry for that.) Today I looked through old pictures and milestone markers, and I was grateful for the reminders. I saw each milestone, each victory.  I saw chubby cheeks, happy eyes, and half-smiles.  I found myself simultaneously thinking, "That was so long ago!" and "Didn't that just happen?"

I can see exactly how far you've come, and I am so proud of you.  I miss the little baby who smelled like baby shampoo, but I love watching your personality and preferences emerge. When you get the giggles, it is one of my favorite sounds. I love watching you learn to stack Duplos and pour over books, pointing out your letters. You work so hard every day. You are a loyal friend to your brother and your puppy.  You teach me about Jesus in ways you may never completely understand. And for that and so many other things, I am beyond thankful.

Happy third birthday, Bugaboo! I am so glad I get to be your mommy!

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  1. Happy Birthday to this darling. You are a great mama and a great friend and just...a great you.


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