Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

"Joey wasn't my friend today. He only wanted to be friends with Hunter. And they were friends with Ryan but not with me."*

This tumbled out of Bubby's mouth on the ride home from preschool, and my heart broke.  Somehow I thought being a mom of boys I was going to get a pass on this kind of thing. I also thought this didn't start until at least kindergarten. Apparently I was wrong.

He didn't dwell on it, though he did mention I had him wear the wrong shoes today. Therefore he wasn't fast in the gym for indoor recess. (For the record I sent him, as always, in tennis shoes.) I don't know if the gym and the friend thing are related or not. Bubby's four. It's hard to tell. Thankfully he moved on pretty quickly to tell me all of the things he learned about bugs and spiders today. ("Spiders are arachnids. Bugs have fuzzy things." ... not sure what that means.)

I have known since before my boys were born that I would be unable to protect them from everything. But as they keep growing, I am learning I didn't realize how much it would hurt to not be able to do that.

I would chop off my legs if it would enable them to run faster or better. I would go through the rest of my life friendless if it would mean my children wouldn't have to be rejected or left out. 

*Names have been changed.


  1. Gosh, how can kids be mean so early in life? That is so sad!

    1. Hoping tomorrow is a better day at preschool. He still talked happily about everything else from the day, so that is a good sign.


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