Thursday, September 5, 2013

five minute friday - red

Each week Lisa-Jo hosts a group where everyone writes without editing for five minutes on a given topic.  Then we are to link up and encourage one  another with our comments. Challenging and encouraging, and I love when I remember to do Five Minute Fridays.  This week's topic is a bit different. The word is red.


In the basement at their old green house off of 41st street was a red sleigh-like chair.  It sat next to the stairs and behind it was the old fashioned phone with a rotary dial. Upstairs in the kitchen was another rotary dial phone.  When I think of childhood at my grandparents house, I think of that red chair and the swinging door to the laundry room that also led back to Papa's workshop.  I cannot walk into Lowe's or any other place that sells wood without thinking of that basement.  We didn't spend all of our time in that basement, but we did spend some.

There were five of us cousins some summers when we would listen to Everly Brother tapes and put on talent shows that may include a nativity scene even in July.  Upstairs all throughout the year I would sit at the kitchen table, and Mimi would make scrambled eggs or cream of wheat for breakfast.  There were always cookies, often oatmeal, in a jar to share with Papa. My family looks quite different now - time and distance and conflict - but my memories of both of Mimi and Papa's houses are good. Kitchen tables for dominoes or cards and a red chair in the basement.



  1. what beautiful memories!

    Linking up from FMF.

    Have a beautiful weekend!


  2. Sweet! I remember visiting my AUnts and we always loved the basement memories of holidays and pool time...very lovely.

  3. Oh, I love these memories! My Mimi and Papa had a basement with red carpet- and we did cousin plays in that old damp basement all the time. Thanks for launching me into my own memories with your sweet musings.


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