Monday, August 12, 2013

Mondays, mommy-hood, and monotony

I made us wake up at a normal hour today. In all honesty it was because Bug's physical therapist was coming at eight today instead of her usual one on Thursdays. I needed everyone dressed, fed, and the house in order before the session started.  But it was a good excuse to get us out of the mode of sleeping in - as we have been doing most of the summer. (Although on baby-sitting days I would drag myself and the boys out of bed twenty-ish minutes before the client was to arrive.)

Have I mentioned sleep is my love language? It is. Sleep. Coffee. Carbs. Love languages. And if I can have all of that plus some free time, than I know you really, really love me.

It's one o'clock now, and I am dragging. I cannot sing another story or read another book. Luckily the boys are playing Legos happily in their room for now.

I cannot believe I used to get up before the sun, go to a job (and get there an hour before the students) and teach on my feet all day. I wonder how I would survive if I did that today. I probably wouldn't.  But I guess other people wouldn't survive doing what I am doing either. Driving to therapy appointments, doing exercises recommended at those appointments, trying to figure out Bug's meltdowns and trying to figure out how to be all that Bubby needs me to be, too. Taking the kids to the pool and the library and the park, but most of the time trying to find ways to educate and entertain them here at home for free.

I remember a discussion in college with a dear friend about how monotonous life would probably be as a mother. Getting up and doing the same thing every day. Some days it definitely feels monotonous.  Laundry. Dishes. Books. Clutter. Meals. Baths. There are plastic dinosaurs on my couch and puzzles on my table and dog fur in the corners of each room.

Yes, we were right. It is monotonous. But it is important. And it is good. And most weeks there is some sense of adventure, even if that adventure is just a large box from Amazon being pounced upon in our living room. But for now, I am hoping for a rainy day nap. I was never afforded that at my old job, and  I try to take full advantage of it in this current job of mine.

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