Tuesday, August 20, 2013

an exhausted update (a.k.a. mommy drinks frufru coffee during preschool hour)

Too tired for paragraphs, so let me recap the last week or so.

PreK open house/orientation.

Sick kids with fevers during the most beautiful days of last week (of course).
Fever-free by Saturday so we do manage to go play at the park for a little bit.

Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls Sunday evening after church. Ah-maz-ing. (Even better the next day reheated.)

The Hubs' third semester of nursing school started yesterday.

The boys testing me/having meltdowns in this transition back to not having The Hubs around as much.

Trips to the library story time and the pool because most people are back in school. Hooray! I hate crowds.

Therapists talking to me about Bugaboo's transition from First Steps to the Early Childhood system. Meeting  next week for the first step in that process.  Hard conversations.

Bugaboo amazing therapists and strangers with his capital letter recognition.  Bugaboo being frustrated with who knows what five times a day at home. Bugaboo smiling and laughing at the shaving cream sensory activity.

Scout (the dog) digging a hole one cannot see beneath the fence and escaping into the neighborhood not once but twice today.  Hole is now filled.  Dog is back home.

Bubby happy to start preK. He did not even want to say good-bye to me today. He wanted to go play.  Bubby not so happy that Mommy went to Starbucks without him and accidentally left the evidence in the car.

I told him he had a snack a preschool  He is smart enough to realize graham crackers do not compare to an iced caramel machiatto.

(Hey look at that - at some point I started writing sentences and small paragraphs. I guess I'm not that exhausted!)


  1. You know we're gonna look back and wonder HOW IN THE HOUND DOG we did it all. I can almost smell those cinnamon rolls...mmm mmm. You're amazing!

  2. This was awesome. Thank the Lord for your sense of humor. Wow.

  3. Congrats on the "firsts" of the school year! You are doing a great job with everything! :)


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