Monday, July 29, 2013

sometimes there are not enough burritos

This morning we all slept in. And by all I mean the boys, me, and the dog because The Hubs was up early to run.  He is faithful to his new fitness regimen whereas I took advantage of a non-babysitting morning and sleeping dependents to snooze longer. I regretted that decision because I had to hit the grocery stores this morning. I hate grocery shopping if I don't do it early in the day. I threw clothes on the kids and piled them in the car. I fed them a breakfast burrito and tater tots on the way, and I ate a burrito, too. Clearly my clean-eating plan has gone out the window, as we all knew it would.

I managed to dump an entire carton of blueberries on the floor at the checkout of Aldi. I picked them up managing to get blueberry marks all over my comfy pants. The cashier graciously got me another carton without me asking, but all I really wanted to do was vacate the store.

Post-grocery shopping I managed to cry while folding laundry. I may have had a meltdown about my tiny portion of the closet and everyone's shoes invading my space. I wanted to take comfort in my vanilla Dr. Pepper, but alas the children and I had finished all 32 ounces. Sometimes there is not enough Dr. Pepper to console me. Sometimes there are not enough burritos either.

Somehow we made it through the day thanks to giftcards, a trip to buy local produce, and a trip to buy school supplies.  Seriously, it thrills me to buy markers and notebooks and colored pencils. As a kid we had a small hall closet containing an ironing board and school supplies. I loved the times when I was given permission to get out a brand new notebook to write down my stories and my thoughts. What is better than a brand new notebook? Not much I think.

(Unlike JoAnn, I am too lazy to put in a current picture -
these are Bubby's hands two school supply seasons ago)
Bubby takes after me, and he had some moments of moodiness  tonight before bed. He had helped me make a blueberry cake, but I did not have the wisdom to mention it would be for eating tomorrow.  The chin quivering was out in full force this evening about the travesty of going to bed without cake. I understand because a four year old me would have been upset, too. Okay, a thirty-two year old me would have been upset.

We had our family time on the couch for Bible and prayers, and we tucked the kids in.  When the cake was done about twenty or thirty minutes later, I suggested to The Hubs that we be the best parents ever and get the kids out of bed for cake. (They were still wide awake.)

All was going well until Bubby was denied a second piece of cake and milk instead of water.  Lesson learned - never try to be the best parents ever.  It's highly overrated.


  1. Now I want some Dr. Pepper... :)

  2. Thanks for the humor!I too would have struggled without cake! ;)

  3. I love that you guys have Bible time together! I love that you got them up for cake! I LOVE cake... well anything with sugar! :)

  4. I hate that his chin was quivering out of control! It breaks this Babu's heart.


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