Thursday, July 25, 2013

five minute friday - broken

Five Minute Friday's prompt - broken.

The rules are write for five minutes on the topic. No more. No editing. And link up at Lisa-Jo's and give encouragement on other people's posts.

I filled out questionnaires, inventories, and checklists about my son's development and family history.  It was there in black and white, not just his issues, but all of ours, which may or may not have a role.  Generations gone before with alcoholism and depression and miscarriage and disease.

I worry that somehow without knowing it, I broke him. I pray that I do not mess up somehow and break him more.

As I try to put the pieces together for my son's sake, I realize just how broken we all are. Just in different ways.

He may not be talking on time. He didn't walk on time. He reacts and melts down in atypical ways. But he is no more broken than the rest of us.

And while I fight for answers, solutions,clarity, and understanding, I pray that I do not lose sight of the wholeness that is him just because he is mine. Just because he is His.



  1. Wisdom and insight, good stuff Amanda.

    1. Thank you, Courtney! So good to visit with you yesterday!

  2. I stand with you in this fear - thanks for the encouragement that we're all whole in His love.

    1. It is a (semi)constant battle in my mind - the questions, doubts, fear. I don't want that to make me miss out on all the good stuff. I think I have learned more about God in this mothering gig than I ever expected. Let's hang out soon.


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