Tuesday, July 2, 2013


After Bugaboo's meltdown at lunch, I had the boys resting (but of course not napping) in their room. The Hubs had just left for his long day of work, and Scout, our new dog, was playing happily outside. It was a beautiful day. The breeze was coming in the back, and I could hear birds chirping outside. The chirping was quite loud, and I happened to look out the door just moments before the birds decided to fly out of their tree.
Scout was ready for them. Three birds flew down, and somehow she caught one of them. I started yelling, "No! Drop it! No! Come, Scout!"

The dog started running to the back door with the bird in her mouth. I did not want a bird in my house.

"Stop! Stop! Drop it! Stop!"

Right by the red wagon (aka the place a snake decided to hide this spring) Scout dropped the bird and began to play with him. The bird was still alive.  His two friends were flying around, chirping to let us know how ticked off they were.  Despite my continued yelling, Scout would not come to the door.  I tried to go out and get her, but the other birds were still flying around. I did not want to be pecked or pooped on.

Somehow I got Scout into the house and reported my dilemma on Facebook.  When I went back to the door to figure out what to do with the bird, he was gone.  I feared he was hiding from me underneath or in the red wagon.  I went back out and saw the bird had made his way across the yard to our privacy fence. He did not move when I came near him. He did not tweet. But he was alive and seemed content enough for a bird that had just been attacked by a large dog.

happy dog with bird-breath

So I did what any thirty-two year old woman would do in this situation. I called my mom. She convinced me that I would need to take care of the bird before naptime was over and before I had to put Scout out again.  I did not think I could hit the bird with a shovel and kill it like The Hubs may have done.  Mom suggested scooping the bird up in the shovel and dropping it on the other side of the fence. Luckily the bird hopped to the fence near the street and not the side by our neighbor's yard.

I went out to get the bird, but he was no longer there. I walked around the yard. No bird to be found. Hallelujah. He flew away, Oh Glory!

Later in the afternoon I checked for the bird again. He was not there. So I sent Scout out to potty, but she did not. Instead she found the bird right away in a bunch of dead plant life that has been piled by a tree in the back of our yard for longer than I care to admit. So now I was not only dealing with her attacking a bird, I was going to have to deal with the dog, the bird and potentially spiders and snakes. Awesome.

Once again Scout just wanted to play with her victim for awhile. Meanwhile birdie's friends had returned and were squawking like crazy. I pulled the dog into the house, and quickly and timidly scooped the bird out of the brush and over the fence. I'm hoping one of the stray cats that roam our streets will find it.

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  1. LOL!!!! This totally happened to us and our family dog growing up but it was a baby rabbit....terrible! Way to take care of the situation!


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