Monday, May 6, 2013

what baby think it over should do

My mom did a good job teaching me about the birds and the bees. For starters, she never called any of our conversations,"talking about the birds and the bees."  But there are a few things I was unprepared for in terms of pregnancy and child-rearing.

For instance - vomit.  

No one told me how much junk would come out a child's mouth over the years.  As a baby it's mostly spit-up. If you have the challenge of having a child (or two) with acid reflux, then spit-up on steroids is more like it.  Through the early years a child will eat the wrong thing, bounce too much on someone's knee, get the flu, or try to wash down six green beans with 1.5 sippy cups of milk. We have been lucky enough that everything in the path  of projectile had been a fairly easy clean-up.

Until tonight. 

Perhaps "Baby Think It Over" should really be a "Preschooler Suddenly Vomiting All Over The Sofa Think It Over" doll.  That would be a much more effective abstinence strategy.

(Also, this blog is on facebook now. Feel free to go like me.  I promise to go back to writing reflective and sentimental things soon.)

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