Sunday, May 26, 2013

tonight at bedtime

We read of Babel and a little bit about Abraham tonight from the Beginners Bible, the four of us cozy on the couch. Twenty little toes stuck out from pajamas featuring green and yellow monsters. Bubby picks the order in which we pray at night, and he chose to go last. He also requested I pray that Jesus help him to eat his vegetables.

When it was his turn to pray, he said, "Dear Jesus, Please help Bugaboo's therapy. Help him to not drool. Help him to walk and get new braces. Amen." 

An hour later little brother's voice sang out the hundredth verse of Wheels on the Bus. The tune is very clear even if the words are barely recognizable.  Then finally there was the sweet sound of two brothers sleeping. Another night of falling to sleep without endless crying.  So I whisper, "Thank You. Amen."


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