Friday, May 24, 2013

five minute friday - "view"

Lisa-Jo's community writes without editing on a given topic for five minutes each Friday.  Join us. This week's topic is "view."


They say the grass is always greener on the other side, and I've spent more days looking across that figurative fence than being grateful for my own backyard. I wanted to be married, to get a better job, to have a baby, to have more babies, to have a better house. Some of these things have happened, and some have not, and though the desire for these things are not bad, it is when they cloud my view of what I already have been given it becomes a problem. Like groundhogs destroying the grass and the garden, my lack of contentment has at time wreaked havoc on every area of my life.

But the view around here these days is changing for me. The sun shines in our backyard with the hand-me-down slide and the red wagon. I blow bubbles for what seems like hours, and I yell out the words, "Run to the fence! Run to the bike!" as I play with my boys. Spring is here, and I wonder why I hid in the gray cold days for so long.



  1. hi Amanda, your post made me think of how easily we get ourselves in a downward spiral if we only see what we don't have or want to have. yes, we should sometimes look in our own back yards & remind ourselves of what we have. & remember there's nothing wrong with dreaming.... it gives us hope for the future.

  2. Beautiful spring is indeed here! Thank you for sharing!


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