Friday, April 26, 2013

five minute friday - friend

Joining with Lisa-Jo's community to write for five minutes on a topic. This week it is on the word "friend."


I remember the day I lost my first baby before the first trimester ended. After a long drive from Minnesota, I finally made it to my hometown, and you just happened to be there for a visit, too.  I don't remember if I talked to you on the phone, but I'm pretty sure my mom called you for me.  You drove over to my house that evening.  And we just sat in the living room that used to hold my birthday parties and science projects.  I have no idea what you said, but mostly I know we just sat in the quiet, you letting me grieve the way old friends know how to do. I remember tears, but mostly I remember that you were just there.  The timing of you and I both being in Illinois at that time was a God-thing amidst the event the felt not at all like a God-thing.

We play a lot more phone tag these days than actual conversations because unfortunately that is just life.  I need to do better.  You have been such a true friend for over two decades, and for that I am thankful.


Five Minute Friday


  1. So sorry you had to go through that, I'm glad that God blessed you with such a wonderful friend to help you out though. God Bless!

  2. LOVE how you dedicated this to a specific friend! It's so important to celebrate our true friendships!

  3. This was so heartfelt and beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. <3

    visiting from FMF.

  4. Our friends grieve with us and help carry the sorrow when it's too much to bear. I'm glad you have a friend like that.

  5. Those moments (losses) hurt so badly. But when someone enters with us, she lingers down deep, under the scabs and scars. I know all about it. I've got this friend since 1992. I call her when I'm crying too hard to form words, and she just sits on the other end and breathes love into the line.

  6. It's the being there -- and being together that counts.

    Laura Hedgecock


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