Sunday, March 10, 2013

the gift of the time change

The gift of the time change is the boys are still up in their room and it is 10:15.  The last several minutes have been Bubby saying, "No more."  Then Bugaboo makes another spitting sound.  Then they both crack up.  The Hubs came out of the office from studying for tomorrow's exam.  I thought he was going to utter the "Do I have to separate you two?" phrase, but he just went in and added to their joyful ruckus for a little bit. After a year or so of appointments and few answers about Bugaboo, I think we both are grateful for this "normal" brotherhood moment for the boys.

Life was good this week.

This week has been so good, and I am reminded to count the gifts. I'm not always good at the remembering. But tonight I will.

1021. coffee and conversation with a friend
1022. Bubby sounding out simple words in a book - he's reading!!
1023. hearing the three year old voice singing, "Bless the Lord O my Soul, Ohhhh-oh-ohh my soul" from the backseat of the car and then at the kitchen table
1024. Bugaboo in his yellow rain jacket on the way to church
1025. Surprise date night - dinner and childcare planned for by The Hubs
1026. chopping my hair off - well, a professional cut it - not me
1027. Mr. J. reading to the boys after dinner - a bachelor's commentary on the Mouse/Cookie book -- hilarious
1028. new coffee drink suggestion success - hello hazelnut machiato
1029. a week filled with singing hymns and Jennifer Knapp and made-up songs about the sun and the moon
1030. pretending to be a mama dinosaur, a mama duck, and a monster because this phase will be over sooner than I will want it to be


  1. I think Graham has the same yellow raincoat- adorable! Also, cute haircut.

  2. Very cute haircut! It is so great how you play with your boys!


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