Thursday, February 7, 2013

when my positive attitude flies out the window

It has been a week.  I have slept a grand total of 2.75 hours in my own bed.  The rest has been pseudo-sleep on the floor, and then last night I upgraded to the couch with my three year old.  The propping up helped his cough enough to justify my discomfort. 

I have added the sound of non-stop coughing to the list of sounds that make me want to vomit/rip out my ears/poke my eyes.   Other things on that list include scraping of silverware on plates, slurping off a spoon, and fingernails on the chalkboard. (I have no idea where my kids get their sensory issues!) My son's cough is #1 on the "please stop making that sound" list right now.  Of course, I don't say that to him. I only think it. Mother of the year.

My two year old (who does not talk in case you did not know that fact) has started communicating to me all the things he doesn't want (by body language or grunts), but then it is a guessing game for me to try to figure out what he is asking for.  We are really sucky charades partners.  Luckily he is adorable, so I keep trying to decipher his sounds.

The Hubs got screwed over -but I can't really write about it on here.  Thank you bureaucracy.  Thank you dishonest shady people of the world.  There is so much I would like to vent about this, but I can't.  (If you are not in the counseling world, this will not make a whole lot of sense. It's all about licesning/paperwork/etc. He did his part. Someone else did not.)  He has made all of the phone calls to the powers that be. So we wait.

We also have the joy of getting a new water heater in the days ahead.  Positive - we will have hot water. And we will not have to worry about our water heater deciding to leak out all over our house.  Negative - I would rather spend the money on something else.  But I do enjoy warm water. I am an American.

I am going a little stir-crazy. Trips to Walgreens and drive-thrus have not been enough to keep me sane.  I really did keep a pretty good perspective this week, but today I just feel like being done with positivity.  Positive Amanda will be back next week.  Realistic Amanda just says, "This sucks."
Please send coffee. Or margaritas.


  1. Amanda!
    I am so sorry for all your crazy sicknesses this winter. I'm on round two of this horrible whatever-it-is-sickness-of-death, and I can't imagine doing it all while being a mother. You deserve a barrel of coffee (Or maybe a week of sleep would be better?) And I certainly hope you do get that margarita sometime soon!

  2. I wish I could swing by and give you a break or a cup of coffee. Being internet friends is fun but being real-life friends would be more fun. Anyway, I hope you get some REST and a margarita!

  3. Love this. Sorry is been a rough week. As moms we know it won't always be this bad, but in the moment it seems like the bad takes a while to get goin' and movin' on out. Prayers for you and the babies. Love your blog.

  4. Sounds like a pretty miserable week! Your continued sense of humor is awesome!


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