Monday, February 4, 2013

(what God showed me) with my face on the floor

Bronchitis is the newest thing to hit our house.  Seriously this has been the longest. winter. ever.

There was a point last night, around midnight, when I was settling in for another night on the floor in my boys' room, and all I could do was cry out to God. Bubby had finally fallen asleep,and for thre first time in a long time I found myself face down in prayer. The words and the tears became a jumbled mess.

God, I just want to be comfortable.

The word comfortable encompassed so much. The immediate comfort of having a healthy family. The long-term comfort of having friends, a nice place to live, job security, a few pats on the back now and then. The good life.

In that moment I felt the presence of God cover me like a blanket, and I was reminded of His promises.  He does not promise to make me comfortable.  He does promise to always be with me.

What if God's best for me is this house in north Springfield? Will I doubt His plans? His purposes? His goodness? His love? My faith cannot be determined by my circumstances. I will press on. I will listen for His still small voice. I will stop looking at others.

God is for me. No good thing will He withhold. However, this is not a promise for prosperity but a point for perspective.

I had been praying for so long for comfort.. But He never promises that.
"In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

And He promises to be with us. He promises us to show us what to pray.
So in this season, I am praying something new. I am praying for friends who are comfortable living uncomfortably, too.

joining up with 1,000 Gifts all over again
1001. medicine
1002. C's laughter (finally) in the wee hours of the morning
1003. G "talking" to his stuffed animals
1004. G drinking from a straw
1005. potty training goals being met
1006. the Feb.2 hard reminder - my baby is in a much better place than I am
1007. a kiss before he heads out the door for class
1008. the smoothness of chubby toddler feet
1009. the aroma of coffee on the days I need it most
1010. a possible new church w/ Awana


  1. oh snap. You are learning so much and growing wiser but...I do pray those munchkins get better soon. And you remain germ free for an extended period of time. :)

    1. I wish I could grow wiser on a two week beach vacation. :) It is a daily battle, this learning, but I'm finding grace on the days U don't (want to) learn.
      Caught a couple more hours of sleep last night - but it looks like another day on the couch w/ the boys. Thanks for the prayers!

  2. What a wonderful, new prayer. So sorry for all the sickness (What a pain!), but you are totally living out Romans 8:28; I can tell.

    1. I have to hope in that - all things working together for His purposes - or I would sink. Really, I would.

  3. Yay you made it to 1,000 gifts! I'm still in the 600's I think. I need to get back on track, it really does clear my mind and heart to count the gifts. When I do...contentment settles in.

    "Comfortable living uncomfortably." This is perfect!

    1. I did the listing pretty faithfuly a year or so ago, but when I hit 1000 I only did a it a couple more times. Wasn't sure where I left off :)
      It really does help to bring me back to focusing on contentment - which is a lifelong struggle.

      And I have friends who are living uncomfortably - need to build on that and encourage one another - not just look for "new" friends.

  4. You are so good at bringing perspective!

    1. Thank you. I wish I had more "in the moment" moments if perspective. Often times it comes later. But last night God had me right where He wanted to meet me.


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