Tuesday, February 12, 2013

shooing the sickness away

There are many reasons I moved across the country, single and alone and just out of college, to Arizona. One was the promise of a city that was sunny almost year round.  God knows I need sunshine almost as much as I need sleep. Back in the Midwest for several winters now, four in the role of mommy, I think of both sun and sleep as long lost friends.

But yesterday the sun was out, and there have been a few nights in a row of sleep. Cough-free sleep. I could feel the sun and the sleep helping me shoo out the last bits of sickness, as I tackled the to-do list.  There is nothing quite like a week spent on the couch that makes you want to do something productive.

So we ran to Aldi and Target. Laundry continued, dishes were put away, floors were vacuumed.  I have yet to scrub the toilets because I am thankful for energy, but not quite that deliriously happy.  The world's best pot roast (according to The Hubs) was on our table last night. I found myself comforted by the meat and potatoes in the cast iron dutch oven that links me in its own way to my mom, my grandmother, my great-grandmother. We don't have fine china to pass down. We have sturdy, simple meals - and perhaps there is a metaphor in there somewhere about who we really are.

I had energy last night to dance with my babies.  Bubby requested "not Veggie music," which meant he wanted music not geared to kids last night. Since Mumford and Sons was in the car to be returned to the library, we played plastic guitars and dollar store maracas to Chris Tomlin. I think there have been few times I have worshipped as purely as I did last night - just enjoying my kids making music and being thankful for getting through last week's rough patch.

I wanted to box up my living room last night. Wrap it up in the prettiest paper and open it over and over again. But that is impossible.  So instead I write it down to get me through the rough patches that are yet to come.

1011. huge decrease of drooling with G
1012. friends who text, bring soup, offer to bring coffee, call
1013. breathing treatments
1014. invite to a moms' group & boldness to go where I didn't know anyone
1015. library books returned on time
1016. mommy-son date with C
1017. preschool Valentine from C, "I love my mommy because she loves me."
1018. long hug in the hallway at the start of another week
1019. potatoes to fry tonight
1020. naps for both boys


  1. I am so happy you made it through the sickness to end with sunshine!

  2. My dad can rock a dutch oven. I loved reading that part, especially. Glad your better.

  3. Hi Amanda! Hopping around this morning and saw that you live in Missouri. The hubs and I are Kansas Citian's at heart and can't WAIT to get back. Also saw your comment about drooling with G. My Drew was a horrible drooler until he hit 2 and then it just vanished. He got teeth SUPER early (like 3.5 months) and then had 16 by 16 months and I always wondered if that was the reason why. Anyway, I'm your newest follower and I hope you'll stop by and follow another mother-of-a-drooling-boy back! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      G actually has had the opposite with his teeth - they have come in very late. (My older son was early with his.) A lot of his drooling is related to his low muscle tone, but I am hopeful that this being two continues to work in our favor. :)


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