Thursday, January 10, 2013

sick day priorities

At one in the morning I was up with my two year old. I think I slept three hours last night.  PBS is my best friend today. PBS and Starbucks, which apparently I go to too often since my three year old talks about it constantly at preschool.  In the carline yesterday, his teacher asked if I had an addiction to coffee.

My self-control goes out the window when I lack sleep.  After a few disciplined days of eating, today all I can think about are convenience foods and carbohydrates.  A lot of people I know are doing the Daniel Fast right now, and all I can think is, Well, Daniel wasn't a mommy to two little boys who have caught every germ under the sun since Halloween.  I'm quite spiritual, aren't I?

I'm realizing I can't do anything by will-power alone. When it comes down to it, each decision I make, big or small, can only really happen by the grace of God. This grace, that according to Piper is not just for pardon but for power, is enough to see me through the days after the sleepless nights.

Yes, the thank you notes need to get in the mail at some point - even if they are a month late.  But I have Brown Bear, Brown Bear to keep reading each hour, and children's Tylenol to dispense ever four to six.  There is Play-doh to dig out of cups, Duplos to avoid stepping on, and Sid the Science Kid to watch. 

My mind is a jumbled mess today, and all I want to do is sit on the couch in my never-been-to-yoga pants, drink coffee, and enjoy watching my sweet (but under the weather) kids play. There is grace enough to do just that today.   The priority is to just be. And so I am.


  1. I hope your crew feels better. Hang in there, mama, you're doing great. My patience and will-power also evaporate when I'm tired, I totally feel ya!

  2. Yes, hang in there. You are doing what a mama needs to do, be a mama. I recall sitting in my son's school parking lot, sobbing in my car while waiting for them. Do not even remember why I was crying but it was probably over-tiredness and days like the ones you are having now. It gets better.

  3. Never been to yoga pants. I basically love that.

  4. my kids are sick too. We are watching Harry Potter.
    loved this post, hugs to you friend!


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