Wednesday, January 2, 2013

one word

Last year I picked a word. Intentional.  I set some goals that revolved around that word. Some of them I met. Most of them I did not.


I was intentional about two very important things. Cultivating new/newer friendships and being intentional about hospitality and service.  I learned that the people who I care about spending time with the most care the least about my house, my income, my politics, etc. So while there may have been dust on the ceiling fans many weeks, I did not let that stop me from inviting someone over.

 I volunteered for things that fit my gifts and callings as well as that fit the schedule of a mom with two little ones. I was even given the opportunity to lead/teach a few different types of groups of people throughout the year in ways that I did not seek out.

This year I didn't know if I would pick a word. I didn't want another thing to do. I didn't want to commit to anything and not follow through. I want to be more organized this year, but I knew if I picked the word "organize," I am just setting myself up for failure.

So I waited. I prayed a little, but mostly I waited.

And last night I was soaking in the tub (a rare treat to just be), and my word for the year was revealed to me. 
Just BE.

I don't need to focus on doing. I don't need to worry about the future or live in regret of the past. 
I just need to BE. 
BE present, BE thankful, BE authentic. 

Thank you, Melanie at Only A Breath, for making my "Be" button.


  1. I love your ONE WORD a lot! Just BE. Not as easy as it sounds but so beautiful and free-ing. Enjoy the exploration of "be". I look forward to reading more as the months go on!
    Susie, (a new friend)

  2. This post and your lovely face make me smile. :) Love you, friend.

  3. Love this. So much effort, especially around the new year, put on DOING. So much to be gained by the focus to just be. Looking forward to reading your journey.


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