Monday, January 14, 2013

of award shows and mommy-ing

I watched the Golden Globes last night and felt old and young simultaneously.  A decade and a half ago I watched them with these girls after youth choir practice. I think we were singing a lot of Point of Grace at that time.  (Keep the Candle Burning, anyone?)

Last night I saw Ben and remembered the Armageddon poster that hung in my college dorm room.  I listened to Jodie's odd speech and managed to get something out of it.  Everyone in that room was famous or beautiful or talented or rich - but none of that will make you happy.  That was my takeaway from Jodie Foster last night. You can have everything and still feel lonely.

I contemplated calling my hairstylist and making an appointment to get the Anne Hathaway cut. And not just because two of us in this house think she is attractive.  I love her hair. But I reminded myself that I am growing mine out a bit. (Though anyone who knows me knows I am a short-hair girl. In another inch or two when the weather warms up I'll cut it all off.)

There are no awards in my line of work. Motherhood. No one invites us to a fabulous banquet, gives us jewels and a gorgeous dress to wear.  There probably should be something for us, but there's not. At least not to my knowledge.

So tonight - here's to us mommies:
  • best supporting role in keeping up with the bills and the grocery budget
  • best cinematography for catching first steps and ABC recitations on a smartphone
  • best set design in turning a box into a rocketship/firetruck/helicopter all in one afternoon

  • best costume for rockin' sweat pants in addition to creating superhero capes out of dishtowels

  • best director for pancakes on Saturday morning, bedtime prayers each night, and owies kissed on demand

  • best lead in just being there - mommying



  1. This is awesome! We win awards in every category!

  2. You know, I think we should throw our own? I mean seriously why not? Have all our mommy friends show up wearing fancy dresses and eat some delicious crap and drink champaign. Then we'll hand out awards to each other and make speeches. You are brilliant!

    1. Yes! How do we make this happen across the miles? I just want to eat some "delicious crap" bwahaha.
      But now the wheels are turning. Hmmm...

  3. Kenny LOOOOVES Anna Hathaway. Have you seen her as Cat Woman? Pretty dang hot.

    1. Yes, she is. She was the best part of that movie, in my opinion.


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