Wednesday, January 30, 2013

imperfect prose - light

It was just a small section in Romans tonight, and yet the words sprang off the page, like staccato notes on a piano.

wickedness. greed. evil. envy. murder. strife. deceit. malice.
gossips. slanderers. haters of God. insolent. arrogant. boastful. disobedient.
untrustworthy. unloving. unmerciful.
without understanding.

And all I can think is, Jesus, shine Your light.

In this world of confusion and darkness we need Your light to extend Your truth and grace.
Never separated - truth and grace. grace and truth.

Shed light on the tough issues.
Bring light to the questions.
Be light on our path.

Take every dark part of me and transform it into something beautiful and useful by the power of You, the Light of the World.


  1. Amen and amen. Oh friend yes. Thank you for this. Thank you for pointing me to this passage in Romans. Yes how desperately we hunger for Him to light our paths. The paths of all men. And please Lord let me walk where you shine. Coming over for IP. Love being at em's with you.

  2. I love Roman. Esp Romans 8. Trying to talk our small group into hitting Romans; we're just wrapping up James.


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